Woman Needs 1 Million Facebok Friends to Get Married

Kelly Coxhead, 32, got engaged 10 years ago and has since then been trying to convince her fiancee to set a wedding date. Now, she’s closer than ever to tying the knot, all she needs is 1 million Facebook friends.

Fiancee Paul Mappelthorpe, a mechanic who lives with Kelly in Swindon, England, has now become arguably the most unromantic man in Britain after refusing to marry his partner until she gets one million Facebook users to join a group. While other women would have probably left him after hearing such a ridiculous claim, Ms. Coaxhead actually set up a group called ‘I NEED 1 MILLION PEOPLE TO JOIN FOR PAUL TO MARRY ME C’MON GUYS HELP ME lol’, and began asking family and friends to join.

”It just came out of nowhere. I thought ‘a million’ that sounds good.” Paul says, ”When you think there’s 67 billion people in the world it’s less than 0.1 per cent. I just like a challenge and I like the idea of setting a challenge for her. It’ll give her something to look at on Facebook.”

Photo via SWNS

The description to Kelly’s group reads ”we been together 10 years and i think its about time he got off his stubborn arse and married me…..lol he just informed me that i need to get 1 million people to join…..lol so come on join prove to him that i can do it….hahaha.”, and judging by the publicity she’s getting after British media picked up her story, she might just make it. She only started the group a little over a week ago, and she already has over 27,000 followers, and the number is soaring pretty fast.

Photo via Metro

To his defense, Paul says ”Even her dad hasn’t joined yet. He must be on my side.” Just to be clear, Kelly needs to get to 1 million friends before 11/11/11, if she wants to get married on her dream date.



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