35-Year-Old Czech Model Dubbed “Human Ken Doll” Credits 43 Plastic Surgeries for Successful Career

At 35-year-old, Robert Paulat is practically a pensioner in the world of male modelling, but somehow he is still signed with Vanity Fair, one of the most prestigious agencies in Europe, and getting plenty of lucrative contracts. He says it’s all thanks to his uncanny likeness to a Ken doll, the result of over 40 plastic surgeries he’s had done throughout his career.

Botox, plasma treatments, and operations to change his nose and mouth – Paulat has been through them all. And he’s not ashamed to admit that it was these procedures that helped him maintain a youthful, photogenic look for so long. “I am obsessed with the idea of raising people’s self-confidence through improving one’s appearance,” he said. “I think that proves I am not narcissistic because there is always something I’m not happy with.”


“I always find something to criticize about my looks,” he added. “I think the proof of that is the fact that I have had over 40 surgical procedures in the search of perfection.” The 43 cosmetic procedures left him looking a lot like a human Ken doll, which apparently make him very appealing to his clients.


Paulat, who started his modelling career at 18, realizes that his assignments might not go on forever despite getting his appearance ‘fixed’. So he also owns and runs an airport café, among other odd jobs.





You can tell Robert has had some work done on his face, but you have to admit that after 43 plastic surgery procedures, he looks more natural than other Ken doll wannabes we’ve featured in the past, like Justin Jedlica or Rodrigo Alves.

via Super.cz