70-Year-Old Grandpa Shocks Internet With His Toned Physique

A 70-year-old fitness enthusiast from Chongqing, China, has been getting a lot of attention on social media thanks to his enviable physique and seemingly endless energy.

Zou Heping’s epic fitness journey started in 1979 when he read about the benefits of running in a magazine. He has been running up Gele Mountain, near Chongqing, ever since and has also added a number of other exercises to keep his body in tip-top shape. Pull-ups, hand stands and pole climbing are all a part of Zou’s training regimen, but he also devised a series of weird-looking exercises that allow him to conserve his health. For example, he frog-jumps the more than 2,500 steps from the foot to the summit of Gele Mountain, and then alligator-crawls back down, a routine that he claims is easier on the knees and improves limb coordination. But while his training routine can be contested, its results cannot; Zou Heping not only looks fitter than most people half his age, but he also has a full set of black hair, which he claims he never dyes.

“Life lies in running, and the most important thing is to exercise, preserve your fitness, and develop a good lifestyle,” Zou advised the youth looking to him for inspiration.

To maintain his enviable physique, Zou Heping goes for a run every day, regardless of the weather, often topless and without any shoes on. He gave up alcohol and cigarettes more than four decades ago, focusing on a healthy lifestyle in which sleep plays a big part. His story of fitness dedication and his six-pack abs have gained him quite the following on social media, as many consider him living proof that age is just a number.

“Grandpa Zou is amazing, his core strength is incredible, at 70, his physical status is like a 17-year-old,” one person commented.

“Age is never a limit. Indeed, life lies in exercise. Only a healthy lifestyle can keep us forever young,” someone else wrote.

“Everywhere I go, people ask me my age, whether my hair is a wig or dyed, what I eat, how I built my muscles, I am tired of answering these questions,” Zou said in a recent interview, adding that he never dyed his hair or taken any supplements to improve his physique.

Jiang Min, an expert in health management and chronic disease management at a well-known Internet health management company, analyzed Zou Heping’s physique and declared him living proof of the anti-aging effect of constant exercising, claiming that workouts enhance his heart function and make his metabolism very active, which can promote health and longevity.

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