Teen Claims Fitness Video Game Helped Him Achieve Impressive Physique

A Japanese self-described “nerd” has been playing Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure for the Switch for over six months, and he claims it helped him go from overweight to impressively chiseled.

“This is the result of a nerd doing Ring Fit for half a year,” Japanese Twitter user ‘kzm’ posted, along with a picture of his toned torso. The post got a lot of attention back in late July, getting almost 24,000 retweets and nearly 400 comments, mostly from people congratulating him on his resolve. Apparently, kzm has been playing Ring Fit Adventure every day since November of last year, and relied on it to keep himself in shape during the Covid-19 lockdown. Only it helped him do much more than that, as a photo of him from November 2019 shows him looking overweight, at least compared to his new sculpted physique.

Photo: kmz/Twitter

The Ring Fit player regularly posts screenshots of his achievements in the game, including time played and calories burned per gaming session, as well as kilometers ran and other data. According to Hong Kong-based news outlet hk01, kmz’s in-game stats in late July showed that he has over 100 hours of recorded gameplay, 21,000 burned calories, 175km ran, and 29,000 pushes with the Ring-con (the wheel-shaped accessory attached to the Nintendo Switch controller).


kmz appears to still be playing Ring Fit Adventure on his Nintendo Switch, which makes sense if he plans to keep himself in shape, but there are still those who refuse to believe that playing a video games alone, even one centered on fitness, can have such impressive results. Some Twitter comments accuse him of simply promoting Nintendo’s game, or not disclosing other factors that led to the weight loss, such as diet.


Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that Ring Fit Adventure gets praised for helping young people get in shape. Back in January, Migui Gabriel, a young graphic artist from Pasig City, in the Philippines, took to social media to show his transformation after playing the game for just 30 days.

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