Bizarre Japanese Men’s Magazine Is Dedicated to Male Nipples

Male nipples don’t really get much attention, mostly because a lot of people even consider them gross. But believe it or not, there’s a magazine in Japan that’s actually dedicated to ‘mipples’!

The magazine is a fan-made dojinshi, which is a Japanese term for self-published magazines, novels, or manga. Its title literally translates to “Everyone Loves a Man Nipple: Photobook.” And it stays true to its name – the cover carries a close-up shot of a male nipple, along with the names of all the nipple-models used in the issue. The inside is filled with nipple-shots too, clicked from every angle imaginable.


According to Akiba Blog, the bizarre male nipple magazine is the brainchild of a certain Mr. Minazuki, who cam up with the idea after a Twitter post related to male nipples got a lot of attention. He just contacted 19 guys willing to act as nipple models and the rest, as they say, is history.


The magazine was distributed to the people who attended the first day of the most recent Comiket (Tokyo’s comic market). But if you’re interested, it still is available for purchase online at Melonbooks. Lots of people are apparently into this stuff, judging by the reactions the magazine has received online.


“I can’t believe they made a magazine about male nipples….” a user wrote.

“Wow, male nipples are so much more powerful than I ever imagined!” said another.


And for one person, it was a moment of revelation: “Little ones, big ones, they’re all just as different as the people whose chests they reside on.”


via Rocket News24