Chinese Billionaire Pays $800,000 to Find ‘Pure Wife’

They say you can’t put a price on love, but a mysterious Chinese millionaire is trying to prove everyone wrong by spending a matchmaking service 5 million yuan( $788,000) to find him a suitable wife.

On May 20th, the Garden Hotel, in China’s Guangzhou City, hosted a special event entitled “Multi-Millionaire Seeking Spouses in Ten Cities Show”. The ‘show’ was basically a competition between 320 female candidates battling for the heart of a mystery billionaire looking to settle down. According to China Smack, the anonymous businessman contacted a local matchmaking service and offered them 5 million yuan to look for the women of his dreams, in 10 cities nationwide. Just like other important bachelors we’ve featured on OC, he’s probably too busy to look for love himself.

Sounds like easy money for the matchmaking business, but the billionaire also has a few standards his would-be wife has to meet: she must be between 20 – 26 years old, weigh around 50 kg, be no shorter than 162cm and no taller that 170cm,  she must have above junior college education, be good-looking, have a nice figure, and most importantly, she must have a pure body (be a virgin). In order to get the girls attention, the guy revealed a little something about himself: he’s under 50 years of age, is a well-known Chinese entrepreneur, enjoys golf, has a strong healthy body. Come on, how could a girl resist that?

The 320 women who participated in the Multi-Millionaire Seeking Spouses in Ten Cities Show were chosen from 2,800 applicants who hoped they could melt the heart of the anonymous billionaire. The girls were thoroughly screened by employees of the matchmaking firm, to make sure they fit the requirements of their employer. To improve their chances of finding the perfect candidates, matchmakers decided to outsource some of the work, by setting up a “Talent Scout Award”. Anyone who knows a girl who might have a chance to impress the entrepreneur should recommend her to the dating service, and if the girl is invited on a first date, they get a 50,000 yuan ($7,882) commission. Should she become the lucky wife of the billionaire, the person who recommended her will get a 3 million yuan ($473,000) residential apartment as prize.

Asked about the ‘pure body’ requirement, most of the candidates said they didn’t have a problem with it, but there was one who expressed her concerns, should an examination be required as well. Another girl didn’t seem too worried about that, saying anyone could pass that with the help of reconstructive surgery. I don’t know how you guys feel about this, but the fact of paying for a ‘pure wife’ seems totally wrong to me… One has to ask the question, if these girls came for the money, can they still be pure?

This kind of matchmaking events for the rich have been rather popular in recent years, and a school for gold diggers has opened in Beijing for the sole purpose of teaching women how to land wealthy, powerful men…

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