Chinese Fashion Brand Makes Sandals for Your Sneakers

You probably didn’t even know your shoes needed sandals, did you? Well, that’s because you’re not as avant-garde as Sankuanz, a Chinese fashion label that knows just what you need to keep your brand new sneakers looking flawless for longer – sandals, of course.

Now, we’ve featured commercially-available sneaker protectors aimed at sneaker-heads before, but they looked more like artistically designed plastic bags, whereas Sankuanz just went with the “shoes for shoes” idea. They just came up with these bulky plastic and Velcro that can fit your already “sneakered” feet and protect them from, well, wear and tear, I guess, because I don’t see these sandals doing anything if it starts to rain. They made quite an impact at the recently-concluded Paris Fashion Week, but let’s just say the feedback wasn’t 100% positive. Either people are too conservative or they just don’t get the practicality of the idea.

Photo: Celebrity_vice/Instagram

It’s unclear whether Sankuanz plans to ever sell these bizarre sneaker-guards, or if they were just a crazy idea for the Paris Fashion Week event, but it definitely made an impact because fashion and footwear-themed news outlest can’t stop talking about it. Mission accomplished, I guess…


Interestingly, this “shoes for shoes” idea isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Swims has a whole line of galosh that you can wear over your favorite footwear to protect them from rain, dirt or just plain wear marks. I actually think they look a lot more stylish than the the abominations Sankuanz recently unveiled, but then again fashion has never been my forté.


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