Chinese Girl Agrees To Leave Disabled Boyfriend If He Doesn’t Start Walking Again in Three Years

A 23-year-old Chinese girl is being forced to leave her boyfriend for a weird reason – he can’t use his legs. Yang Nan’s parents permitted her to live with Yan Hongbo for three years, in which time he had to start walking again. But the time is up now and the boy is still wheelchair-bound.

Yang has begged her parents for more time, and they’ve allowed her another 6 months. But she has almost no hope that things might improve. “I don’t know what to do, I know that he can be cured but we don’t have any money now for medical treatment. We don’t even have enough money to properly get by day-to-day. We need a miracle,” she said. Yan on the other hand is being the sacrificial lover – he wants Yang to listen to her parents and leave him. “I don’t see any future for her with me, she has a bright future ahead of her,” he said. “If we can’t get my legs fixed I have made her promise that she will do as her parents want if we don’t get things sorted in the next six months.”


27-year-old Yan was paralyzed waist-down after a horrible motorcycle accident in 2009. At the time of the accident, the couple were good friends but not in a relationship. Yan, a car mechanic, was riding his motorcycle on a mountain road in the rain and slipped off a cliff. He fell more than 100 feet on to the rocks below. But Yan’s woes didn’t really end there. After the accident, his parents had a bitter argument about the situation. His father allegedly struck his mother, resulting in her death. Yan’s father went to prison, leaving Yan to care for himself.


When Yang read about Yan’s story in the papers, she went to visit him. His plight moved her so much that she decided to quit her job and take care of him full-time. She called her parents to inform them about it, and that’s when they came up with the three-year condition.


Sadly, nothing seems to be working in the young couple’s favor. Yan wants Yang to stay, but he wants her to have a good life as well. Now he’s hoping for his father to be freed from prison to take care of him. Well, let’s hope that the couple get the miracle that they so desperately seem to need.

via China Daily

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