Chinese Man Walks Around with 40Kg Rock on His Head to Lose Weight

A 54-year-old man from Jilin, China, is making international headlines for his bizarre exercise routine. Cong Yan claims daily walks with a 40-kilogram rock balancing on his head have helped him lose 30 kilograms in the last three years.

Cong Yan is a familiar, albeit unusual sight in Jilin parks. Every day, he can be seen walking on the narrow pathways, ascending and descending steps alongside other health-conscious Chinese trying to keep in shape. But what sets him apart from everybody else is the heavy-looking block of solid concrete dangling on top of his head.


It all started three years ago, when Yan says he realized he was in the worst shape of his life. The 1.63-meters-tall man weighed 115 kilograms, and he started worrying that the obesity was taking a toll on his physical health. “I didn’t want to take diet pills, so I decided to lose weight by doing more exercises,” Cong told local reporters. But instead of regular exercises, he placed a 15-kilogram stone on his head and walked as far as he could. As he got used to the routine, he replaced the stone with a 30-kilogram one and also increased the daily distance. Today, he says he walks up to 3 kilometers every day, with a 40-kilogram block of concrete on his head.


As it turns out, Cong Yan’s exercise routine is as effective as it is bizarre. he has lost 30 kilograms and says he is in much better shape than when he first started out.


Inspired by all the attention he’s been getting lately, Yan says he is considering approaching Guinness about getting his “trendy” physical routine featured in their Book of Records.


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