Chinese Men Model Female Lingerie Live on Stream to Avoid Permanent Ban

Online commerce businesses in China are reportedly using male models to showcase women’s lingerie in order to exploit a legal loophole.

Live stream commerce is very big in China. From makeup and apparel to food products and tools, businesses rely on this model to significantly boost their sales. However, a couple of years ago, the Chinese authorities started cracking down on the live stream industry in general, imposing a series of rules and guidelines that make it possible for Big Brother to immediately and permanently ban channels that break them. For example, mukbang, the South Korean earing show genre was banned for promoting food waste. Similarly, women wearing lingerie on stream risk being charged with “spreading obscene information”…

That last one really hit the live stream sales of lingerie businesses hard. Being unable to model the garments really impacted sales, but breaking the law by having a woman wear them on stream risked having the entire channel immediately and permanently banned. But some channels found a loophole.

Chinese legislation clearly specifies that women are forbidden from wearing female lingerie on live stream, but they say nothing about men. According to popular Twitter account @xiaojingcangxue, several live stream commerce channels are now turning to slender male models to show off women’s lingerie to avoid breaking the law.

The post, which went viral earlier this month, also features two stream stills featuring two guys wearing women’s lingerie. The post got mixed reactions from Twitter users, with many joking on the matter, but some lamenting the fact that businesses have to use this sort of tactic to avoid serious repercussions.

Considering how the Chinese Government feels about the feminization of its male population, it’s probably a matter of time before this loophole gets closed, especially if this weird trend starts to spread.

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