There Is Something Off About These Bridesmaids

Videos shot during a wedding in Pingdingshan, China’s Henan Province, have gone viral on social media, because of the three bridesmaids and their unusual gender.

The role of bridesmaid is traditionally reserved for women, but what happens if the bride doesn’t have any female friends, or if none of her friends can make it to the wedding? Desperate times call for desperate measures, and one woman in Pingdingshan, China, recently managed to surprise everyone in attendance at her wedding with three very unusual bridesmaids, all men. You couldn’t really tell at first glance, as they were all wearing pink sleeveless dresses, long-haired wigs and even makeup, but a closer look revealed clear manly features.

It’s unclear why the three men had to play bridesmaids, but it’s pretty obvious that at least one of them is a bit embarrassed about the whole situation, as he can be seen fidgeting and looking down at the ground a lot. Some people guessed that they might be the bride’s brothers helping her out, while others said they could be paid stand-ins.

The video shot by a guest at the wedding was posted on Chinese social media and quickly went viral, sparking hilarity among netizens.


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