Couple Marry for the Second Time after Husband’s Sex Change

Barry and Anne Watson first married in 2002, as husband and wife. Now, nine years later, they renewed their wedding vows, except this time they were wife and wife, and Barry was a woman named Jayne. A photograph of the couple shows he/she is much happier this time around.

Of course, things were not always a bed of roses for Jayne and Anne. Their relationship went through several upheavals, especially when Anne learned of Barry’s desire to have a sex change. But things worked out just fine in the end. 53-year-old Anne recollects being furious when Barry told her about the sex change. The 43-year-old was a bus driver at the time. Anne believed that Barry was cheating on her with another woman. She had absolutely no idea that what he actually wanted was to be a woman himself. They have come a long way since then, and are a happy couple now.

Barry, now Jayne, realized he was different from the other boys when he was very young. It seemed more natural for him to play hopscotch with the girls rather than football with the boys. He used to dress in his mother’s clothes when alone at home. “Putting my own clothes back on felt like going back to prison.” When he got older, he began purchasing women’s clothes and strolled in them in areas where no one knew him. Although he was aware of his differences, Barry was desperate to fit in and started to date women in 1995. When he met Anne they hit it off instantly. “Despite my identity crisis, I was totally attracted to Anne,” says Jayne. Soon they were happily married. However, things did not change after the wedding and Jayne would dress in Anne’s clothes when the latter left the house. In 2008 Anne sensed that something was wrong, and Jayne confessed everything.

When Anne first saw her husband dressed as a woman, it made her mad. “The first time I saw Jayne wearing a dress I started hacking at it with scissors,” she says. With time, she was able to realize that her feelings for her husband did not change, even after coming to know the truth. This was when Jayne began to dress as a woman in public and started taking female hormones to reduce body hair and soften her skin. When the couple re-affirmed their vows in 2009, they were smiling even more than at the first wedding. They had gone dress shopping together and both sported bouquets. Anne says, “I still love the same person, whether they’re called Barry or Jayne. Even though she does drive me mad when she steals my clothes without asking me!”

“People might think I’m weird or a freak,” admits Jayne. “But all that matters to me is that my wife loves me.”


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