Crazy Aerosol Challenge Has Teens Burning Themselves with Sprays Just for Kicks

There’s always some weird teenage trend or the other doing the rounds online. The latest one has kids spraying aerosol deodorant on to their skin at an extremely close range. They film themselves performing the ridiculous stunt, to see who can endure it the longest.

Teenagers all over the world have been taking part in the bizarre aerosol challenge. They’ve been putting up the videos on YouTube and other social networking sites. In some extreme videos, kids spray each other until angry red blisters appear on their skin. In worst cases, severe scarring could cause permanent damage.

As with all other teenage trends, experts are expressing their outrage against the aerosol challenge. According to a spokesperson from the British Skin Foundation, the craze could be both painful and damaging. “The British Skin Foundation would never encourage the use of any aerosol product in close proximity to the skin for a prolonged period. These products should be used appropriately and responsibly as extended use can lead to the freezing action producing a cryogenic burn,” the spokesperson said.

“Short term this is both painful and damaging but prolonged exposure could lead to permanent damage or disfigurement,” he warned.

I looked up the Aerosol Burn Challenge on YouTube, and there were some very young children doing it. I don’t understand how some kids will do anything to look cool.

Previously, we’ve seen disturbing trends like drinking hand sanitizer to get wasted, vodka-soaked tampons and snorting crushed candy. What is it with kids these days?