Dubai-Based Company Creates World’s Most Expensive Set of Tires

A high-end tire company in Dubai has recently secured the Guinness World Record for the most expensive set of tires, after creating four tires encrusted with 24-carat gold and diamonds.

In keeping with the luxury and glamour Dubai is so well-known for, Z Tyres has gone to great lengths to create a unique set of tires that could make some of the world’s most expensive cars seem cheap. Designed and fabricated at the Z Tyres factory, the Z1 tires were shipped to Italy to be encrusted with diamonds by Italian artisan jewelers before being returned to the rich Arab country for the application of gold leafing by the very same craftsmen who have worked on the new presidential palace in Abu Dhabi. The four bespoke tires were individually inspected by Guinness experts and recognized as the most expensive in the world.


In a country where even college parking lots are full of luxury cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s no surprise that the special set of tires was acquired by an unknown buyer for  Dh2.2 million ($600,000). And in the true spirit of Ramadan, all proceeds were donated to the Zenises Foundation which focuses on improving access to education across the world.


“We’ve always treasured the outstanding skills and dedication involved in developing our Z Tyre range so we thought what better way to celebrate this achievement than with a record-breaking special set of tires especially commissioned for a unique buyer,” Z Tyres CEO, Harjeev Kandhari, said in a statement.


I wonder if the person who bought the world’s most expensive tires will be crazy enough to actually mount them on a car and use them as regular tires. I imagine driving on a bumpy road or even a small pothole could cause the diamonds and gold leaf to detach from the tire. Do they even have potholes in Dubai, though?