Entrepreneurs Inspired by Tinfoil Hats Create Stylish Headgear That Protects Against Harmful Signals

If you’re genuinely concerned that wi-fi or other electromagnetic signals might slowly but steadily be hurting you, then you will be glad to learn that tinfoil hats are no longer your only option. A couple of Slovakian entrepreneurs have created the “world’s first signal proof headwear” designed to protect your brain by reflecting electromagnetic waves.

According to the Kickstarter campaign by Shield Apparel, the hats are stylish and comfortable, while also effectively protecting the wearer from signals emitted by cell phones, wi-fi routers, and microwaves, and all waves transmitted from electric devices. “It is the most comfortable and functional headwear you have ever worn,” the makers claim.

The founders of Shield Apparel are a couple of Slovak cousins who stayed up late one night talking about how their lack of sleep was probably caused cell phone or wi-fi signals. They started to wonder if signals really affect our well being a lot more than we realise, and then decided to do something about it. Inspired by tinfoil hats, they wanted to create something similar to shield humans from these potentially-harmful waves.


Soon, they discovered exactly what they needed – a special silver fabric used by the army for covering tents to make them invisible to satellites. “We ordered the first sample from the factory for the production of this material and we tried it on a mobile WiFi router,” the cousins said. “When we covered up these devices, the signal was immediately lost.”


So they worked with Chinese designers and manufacturers for six months before coming up with a successful prototype with antibacterial, anti odor, and anti radiation features. “With the help of experienced fashion designers and by using the high quality processed cotton, special signal proof fabric (100% silver) and original production processes we achieved a really beautiful and handy result affordable for everyone,” they added.


‘Shield’ comes in two options – a beanie and a cap – and in various sizes and colors. The classic, universal beanie is made from high quality cotton and silver fabric that is perfect for winter and slightly warmer days as well. The classic baseball cap version has the silver fabric sewn on the inside with such precision that it’s invisible.


The hats will be priced anywhere between £18 ($27) and £23 ($35), depending on what type you’re going for. But for now, you can pledge as little as £3 ($4.5) towards the Kickstarter campaign just to show your support. With 24 days to go before deadline, Shield has already raised over £3,500 of their £13,000 ($20,000) goal. Some people must really be worried about the electromagnetic signals of modern gadgets.

Photos: Shield Apparel/Kickstarter

Sources: Kickstarter, Podnikajte

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