Fans Rent Cranes to Watch Car Race from Outside Arena During Pandemic

Dozens of die-hard car racing fans found an ingenious way to support their favorite drivers while also abiding social distancing rules – they rented 21 construction cranes and watched the race from above the race track arena.

Sunday is race day at Stadion Żużlowy Motor Lublin in the Polish city of Lublin, but because of the Covid -19 pandemic, the arena wasn’t full to the brink as it usually is. Social distancing rules dictate that sport venues fill up at only 25 percent capacity, but a few dozen fans found a way to be close to the action without actually setting foot in the arena. They rented 21 construction cranes and lifted themselves up above the stadium in groups of three or four. Photos of them standing on platforms and holding flares have been doing the rounds on the internet.

Polish sports news website WP Sportowe Fakty reports that at the start of this year’s national Speedway Extra League only three cranes were spotted outside the Stadion Żużlowy Motor Lublin, but then their numbers increased with every race, and now the man who came up with the idea of using cranes, one Artur Bieniaszewski, told the Polish publication that he is being flooded with requests by fans.

This isn’t the first time sports fans have used construction cranes to bypass rules at sporting events. A couple of years ago we wrote about Amigo Ali, a fan of Turkish soccer club Denizlispor who, after being banned from the stadium for a year, rented a crane so he could watch and support his club.


via Daily Mail

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