Guy Proves Skirts and High-Heels Can Look Good on Men as Well

Photos of a man sporting a variety of rather unusual combinations of men’s and women’s clothes and footwear have been doing the rounds online and sparking debates about unisex clothing.

Italian high end brand Gucci recently made news headlines for releasing a dress for men that most people -both men and women – found unnecessary and even inappropriate. But, as it turns out, there are straight men out there who enjoy wearing women’s clothes and accessories, and actually look good doing it. Case in point, Mark Bryan a self-described “straight, happily married guy that loves Porsche’s , beautiful women, and incorporating high heels and skirts into my daily wardrobe”.

Photo: Mark Bryan/Instagram

Photos of Mark have been doing the rounds on social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook for quite a while now, and recently went viral on Vietnamese social media as well, with many major news outlets picking up his pics as well. Most of them don’t even refer to him by name, calling him “European uncle” instead, even though I personally found no proof that he is from Europe.


All I’ve been able to find on Bryan was his Instagram bio (his account is private) and that he has a Pinterest account with about 1,200 followers. He regularly posts photos of himself sporting all kinds of combinations of skirts and high-heel shoes, sometimes combined with a men’s shirt, tie and jacket, and clearly has a more developed fashion sense than most men.


Does Mark dress this way every day, does he go to work or out shopping like this, or does he just put on his elegant attires for photos? I couldn’t tell, you, but you have to admit, he wears them skirts and high-heels better than a lot of women.


Mark isn’t the only man fond of clothing and footwear traditionally worn by women. A couple of year ago we featured Ashley Maxwell-Lam, a corporate banker who loved wearing high-heel shoes, as well Minnesota man Joe Quarion, who is trying to make unisex skirts popular again.

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