Guy Turns His Mohawk Hairdo into an Artistic Advertising Billboard

By design, the “Mohawk” hairdo is really hard to miss, but someone found a way to actually make it even more of an attention grabber. Florida native Mohawk Gaz uses spray paint to turn his head into a truly unmissable advertising billboards for friends and businesses.

31-year-old Mohawk Gaz – real name Gasmy Joseph – from Pompano Beach, Florida, has been a fan of the Mohawk for many years, but it was only a year ago that he discovered the true potential of his outrageous hairdo. A buddy had asked Gaz to spread the word about his birthday party, and suddenly a light bulb went off in his head – why not advertise the event on his hairdo for everyone to see? The idea was a huge success, and he has been spray-painting his Mohawk with all kinds of designs ever since. He has been offering his head as advertising space to friends who needed promotion, and has even been contacted by small businesses. A health-food catering company called Deliver Lean send Mohawk Gaz to Miami Heat and Florida Panthers games with its logo painted on his hair and was very pleased with the results. “It’s been tremendous marketing,” the company’s founder said. “It’s great exposure, and it’s never been done before.”


To get his unusual business off the ground, Mohawk Gaz set up a website featuring photos of his best works, and created colorful flyers he hands out everywhere he goes. But it isn’t just about the money with this guy. In fact, most of his hair ads have been pro bono for friends, and often times he wears purely artistic designs, like portraits of Marilyn Monroe, the Mona Lisa or Kimbo Slice. His most impressive hairdos so far include a basketball board with a real hoop attached to his head, and a studded Miami Heat logo he wore at an NBA game, which he says has attracted the most attention so far.


Gasmy says he gets his hair done at least once a week, but he can change the designs up to three times per week, if has different clients. He’ll go to clubs, parties, charity events and pretty much anywhere else to get as much exposure to his Mohawk as possible. “I’ll do Bar Mitzvahs if you need me to,” the young entrepreneur says. “You never know where you’ll find me, and that’s the most important thing about it.”



Mohawk Gaz isn’t the first one to use his head for advertising purposes. Last November, Austin entrepreneur Brandon Chicotsky launched Bald Logo, a service that allows businesses to use his bald head as a walking billboard.













Source: Miami New Times via Neatorama

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