Hot Tub Cinema – Probably the Most Relaxing Movie Experience Ever

For the past year, young movie buffs in London have been flocking to one of the most unique film-watching venues in the world. The Hot Tub Cinema combines hot tubs with good movies and a London rooftop location to offer probably the most relaxing film-watching experience on Earth.

‘We wanted to watch a movie, we wanted to use the hot tub, and we just thought why don’t we project it out the kitchen window onto a bed sheet on the washing line and see what the results will be, and that was how it was born,’  Asher Charman, one of the brains behind the project, told Reuters. ‘About a year ago we thought you know what, it’s about time, we’ve over grown our garden here, we’ve got three or four tubs, it’s time to take the step up and here we are now.’ So they got a movie projector, a screen and the Hot Tub Cinema was born. Quite a simple idea but one that really appealed to young movie-goers looking for something different. Now every time a rooftop movie-watching session takes place, the 12 hot tubs are always occupied.

Clients have to pay a minimum of £22 ($35) for a chance to watch a good movie in their underwear, but there are three different types of hot tubs available, depending on budget. There’s the “cosy” tub, where up to eight people cram in side by side, the “spacious” that accommodate no more than six people, and a few tubs available only for group rentals, and priced at £200 ($320). Regardless of whichever one you go for, you’re still treated to a great movie and London’s spectacular skyline, so satisfaction is guaranteed. Before they start taking their clothes off and plunge into the 40 degrees Celsius hot water, movie buffs are treated to a glass of champagne and an unforgettable London sunset, just to get them in the mood. Once they’re in the hot tubs and the movie starts, the real fun begins: people start cracking jokes, bikini-clad girls start dancing in the middle of the tubs, water fights ensue, and occasionally there’s even a hot tub relay, where the craziest of guests start jumping from tub to tub. And long after the movie credits roll, the party goes on. It’s definitely not your ordinary cinema experience.

Some people choose to rent a whole hot tub with their friends, but many don’t mind sharing the small place with total strangers. Sure their feet meet quite a lot in such tiny tubs, but that’s just one of the things that make the Hot Tub Cinema more interesting. Its popularity is unquestionable, as the place is sold out at every event and the number of attendants has doubled since the first screening. All through September, the Hot Tub Cinema will host events at the Netil360 rooftop space, in London’s Hackney borough. The number of tickets is limited, so if you want to go, you’d better act fast.




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