Japanese Company Launches Vertical Pods That Let You Sleep Standing Up

The Giraffenap is a new style of sleeping pod that encourages power naps during the day as a way of improving concentration and work efficiency.

Japan is a notoriously hardworking country that emphasizes extreme dedication to one’s work even at the cost of that person’s health or general wellbeing. Working conditions can get so bad that the Japanese language actually has a term for ‘death by overwork’ (karoshi). In order to put up with this kind of grueling schedule and stress, some Japanese workers turn to short power naps. These are known to boost energy levels and concentration, as long as the person doesn’t go into deep sleep. In order to make it easier for people to get power naps pretty much anywhere, one company has begun installing vertical sleeping pods called ‘Gireaffenap’ in cafes all over the country.

One of the main reasons that Gireaffenap pods have a vertical orientation is space – it’s much easier to have them installed in small cafes and restaurants, as they take up very little room – but it’s not the only one. Maintaining the stand-up position apparently makes it easier for the person using the pod to wake up from their power nap.

Each Gireaffenap pod features an alarm system that can be set by the user, as well as support points for the various parts of the body – head, buttocks, calves, and feet, to ensure that the user maintains their upright position when napping. The pods also feature a height adjustment system so that anyone can achieve the perfect posture while using them.

Gireaffenap sleeping pods currently come in two variants – a plain white model, and one that mimics a more traditional bamboo design. They both offer great sound insulation, as well as various sounds designed to induce sleep, and a built-in ventilation system.

Giraffenap is currently being implemented in some coffee shops in Japan, and if the reception is positive enough, we might start seeing them in other venues as well.

And, in case you were wondering, the Giraffenap name refers to the upright sleeping position of the giraffe.

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