Japanese Model Divorces Husband One Week into Marriage, After Being Told to Spend Less

Japanese model Kato Sari recently finalized her divorce from her husband, after getting separated from him just a week into their marriage, due to her uncontrolled money spending habits.

29-year-old Kato Sari has always been known for her luxurious lifestyle and love of expensive fashion brands, but her husband never imagined that her spending habits would end up putting his businesses at risk. The unnamed real-estate businessman reportedly started dating the model in May of 2019, and in the three and a half months before the pair tied the knot, she had managed to spend about 1 billion yen ($9.1 million) of his money. Still, the man went through with the wedding, but during the first week of their marriage, he allegedly told Sari to slow down her spending, as his businesses weren’t fairing very well. That didn’t sit too well with her, so she asked for a divorce.

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In a recent YouTube video, Kato Sari revealed that she had finalized her divorce from her husband, six months after the pair had gotten separated. The young model added that she filed for divorce in their first week of marriage, after he had asked her to stop spending so much money. She was very upset, calling her husband a fraud for making her think that she could spend as much money as she wanted before the wedding, only to turn into a cheapskate after she had signed the papers.

“Then what’s the point of marrying him? He just cheated me to sign the papers,” Kato said in the video, adding that no interest in poor men who couldn’t keep up with her spending habits.


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Kato Sari admitted to her fans that she only got married for money, and that once she couldn’t spend her husband’s fortune on expensive cars, jewelry and clothes, she didn’t want to be married to him anymore. She said it was a fair exchange, as women had to endure pregnancy and childbirth, while men only had to work and produce enough money for the family. Sadly, her husband couldn’t do that.

The young model’s revelations and overall attitude angered a lot of people online, many of whom expressed their disdain in critical comments.


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“There are many women with bad personalities, but this is on another level,” one person commented on YouTube.

“This woman is really pitiful. Seems like she hasn’t led a decent life so far. What’s so good about this woman anyway? Her face looks like it’s collapsing. Disgusting,” someone else wrote.


The criticism doesn’t seem to have affected Kato very much, as she has since been posting photos with different “gentlemen” on Instagram, and seems to be over her failed marriage.

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