Man Allegedly Lives with Snake He Thinks Is His Dead Girlfriend Reincarnated

According to a Facebook post that recently went viral, a man devastated by the death of his girlfriend grew very attached to a 10-foot cobra which he believes is his lost partner reincarnated. For the last couple of years, the two have been inseparable, doing everything together, from watching TV to going to the gym.

The bizarre story was originally posted on the Facebook page of one Worranan Sarasalin from Kanchanaburi, Thailand, along with a set of photos of the man and his beloved cobra in various circumstances. Sarasalin, who covers a variety of local news stories on a daily basis, claims that the unnamed man developed an unusual connection with the large reptile after noticing a “Striking resemblance” to his deceased girlfriend and becoming convinced that she had come back to life as the serpent.

“Real love is true,”  Worranan wrote. “This man believes that his girlfriend reborn again as this white cobra after she passed away few years ago. He saw the snake and noticed a striking resemblance to the woman he once loved. He is very happy to spend time, talk and play with this snake. He looks after this snake very well because he believes that the snake was his girlfriend.”

“He never stays away from the snake . He takes it everywhere he goes or even while he’s sleeping,” he added.

Apparently, people have been trying to warn the man about the dangers of living with a loose cobra, but he doesn’t seem too concerned about being bit. “He’s well known to be the man who lives with a snake. He has been warned several times that it is dangerous but he still carries on,” Sarasalin claims.

In the photos posted on Facebook, the man can be seen watching TV with the snake, hanging out with it in the park and even pumping iron in the gym with the cobra eyeing him curiously. They do seem to be very close, but there really must be more to their relationship, and hopefully someone will track this guy down and get some more details. With this story having recently been picked up by major Western media outlets like The Mirror, there’a actually a decent chance of that happening. We’ll keep you updated.

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