Man Buys Luxury Car with Nearly One Tonne Worth of Coins

A man recently caused havoc at a car dealership in Tongren City, China, after turning up with a truck full of coins to buy a 480,000 yuan ($70,000) BMW.

The unnamed man apparently used to work as a bus driver and collected the coins during his many years on the job. Only instead of regularly exchanging them for larger denomination banknotes, he just kept them in his home, hoping to some day spend them on the car of his dreams. After seeing a new BMW that he really liked, the man decided that the time had come to exchange his sizable fortune for it, but only then realized that he had never even counted the coins. So he called some friends over and they spent four days counting them before loading them up in crates and driving to the car dealership.

Photo: video screengrab

As you can imagine, the staff at the BMW dealership in Tongren were all smiles when they heard that the man wanted to buy 480,000 yuan ($70,000), but quickly changed their demeanor after hearing how he planned to pay for it. After seeing the mountains of coins lined up in crates on the back of a truck, the dealership decided that there was no way they could count them all in a day, so they called their bank for help.

Even with the help of 11 bank employees and a coin-counting machine dispatched by the bank, the grueling counting process took over 10 hours. According to a viral video doing the rounds online, the 150,000 coins weighed over 900 kilograms.


While 10 hours is definitely a lot, it doesn’t compare to the 6 months that one German bank clerk spent counting 1.2 million coins, last year.

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