Man Claims He Was Tricked into a Gender Change by Another Man Who Wanted to Marry Him for Money

A 20-year-old Indian man claims to have been subjected to a sex change operation without his consent by another man who planned to marry him for his family’s land.

Mujahid, a 20-year-old man from Sanjak Village in Uttar Pradesh, has become the talk of an entire country after claiming that a male rival tricked him into going to the Begrajpur Medical College in Mansoorpur where a team of doctors sedated him and performed a gender change operation on him without his consent. The victim told authorities that a man named Omprakash deceived him into believing that he was suffering from a serious medical condition and then offered to take him to Mansoorpur to be treated. Mujahid claims that shortly after arriving at the hospital, he was sedated and then operated on by a team of doctors who had colluded with Omprakash. When he woke up the next day, he was told he was no longer a man, but a woman.

Photo: Wendy Scofield/Unsplash

“He brought me here, and the next morning I had an operation. When I regained consciousness, I was told that I had been changed from a boy to a girl,” a sobbing Mujahid told NDTV reporters. “When I woke up, Omprakash told me that I am a woman now and that he would take me to Lucknow to marry me. He threatened to kill my father if I resisted.”

The 20-year-old claimed that Omprakash had been harassing him for the past two years in an attempt to steal his family’s land and that his shocking ruse was meant to force Mujahid to marry him so he could legally get access to the coveted land. He is convinced that the doctors at Begrajpur Medical College were working with Omprakash, although staff there insist that he underwent the sex change voluntarily.


“He said, ‘I changed you from a man to a woman and now you have to live with me. I have prepared a lawyer and a court marriage for you,” Mujahid said of Omprakash, who warned the youth that no one, not even his family, would accept him now. “Now I will shoot your father and the land of your share will be named after me and then I will sell it and go to Lucknow.”

Based on Mujahid’s claims, police have opened an investigation and arrested Omprakash, who continues to deny all the charges against him. The hospital staff is also under investigation for its involvement, but there are still many details to clarify, such as why Mujahid went to the hospital with a man he claims to had been harassing him for years.

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