Man Left Paralyzed and Unable to Speak by Car Accident Miraculously Recovers After Covid-19 Vaccine

An Indian man who had become paralyzed and unable to speak after being involved in a tragic car accident 5 years ago, reportedly started walking and talking again after getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

We keep hearing about potential negative side-effects of getting vaccinated against the coronavirus, but Dularchand Munda, a 55-year-old man from India’s Jharkhand state will tell you that getting the Covid-19 vaccine was the best thing that ever happened to him. Bedridden and unable to speak ever since being involved in a serious car accident 5 years ago, Dularchand got the jab on January 4th and started regaining feeling in his legs within a few hours. Now, he is able to speak again and can walk with the help of a walking cane.

Photo: ANI

“Glad to have taken this vaccine. There is movement in my legs since taking the vaccine on January 4,” Dularchand told Indian news agency ANI. “My voice came back and my feet also moved.”

Munda, a resident of Salgadih village in Bokaro, had undergone treatment after the car accident that left him paralyzed five years ago, but to no avail. He lost feeling in the lower half of his body, and over time stopped speaking as well. Then, after taking the Covid-19 vaccine, he started moving his legs again, and could soon stand up and take a few steps while supported.

Photo: ANI

Dularchand Munda’s story went viral in India last week, but medical professionals are skeptical about his miraculous recovery. Recovering five years after becoming paralyzed just isn’t something that happens out of the blue, so a medical team has been put together to analyze the medical history of the case and provide objective information.

“Amazed to see this, but it needs to be ascertained by scientists,”  Had he recovered from a medical condition not more than some days old, it could be understood but recovering suddenly from a four-year-old medical condition after taking the vaccine is unbelievable”, Dr Jitendra Kumar told NDTV.


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