Man Phones Police to Confess to Fake Murder in Hopes of Having Road Cleared of Snow

After having the road to his home blocked by heavy snowfalls, a Ukrainian man decided to call police and confess to a fictitious murder, in hopes that they would clear the road in order to reach him.

According to police sources, on Saturday, February 13 an unnamed man from the village of Grybova Rudnya, in Ukraine’s Chernihiv region, phoned the national emergency number and confessed to a gruesome murder. He said that he and his stepfather had gotten into an argument, and he had ended up stabbing the elderly man repeatedly in the chest with a knife. The victim had collapsed, and was not breathing. The self-confessed attacker added that he was willing to turn himself in, if police could reach his home.

Chernihiv had seen heavy snows, and the roads to Grybova Rudnya had indeed been blocked for several days, so the “murderer” advised policemen to bring a snowplow if they wanted to arrest him. A team was dispatched to the village to bring the self-confessed murderer into custody, and because a snow plow had cleared the road earlier, they made it there in their patrol car.

When the officers reached the reported scene of the crime, they expected a gruesome scene, but were instead treated to a quaint village home. The caller’s stepfather was indeed there, but he was in one piece, with no knife wounds to complain about. Upon questioning, the so-called killer confessed to reporting a fake crime.

Photo: harrydonna/Pixabay

“Immediately after arriving, they discovered that the relative was indeed at the house, but in one piece and unharmed. No one had attacked him,” police spokesperson Yuliya Kovtun told reporters, adding that the man was simply unsatisfied with the state of the roads to the village, and hoped police would finally clear them of snow in order to get to him.

Apparently, the man was aware that the snow plow had been operating in the area, but was unsatisfied with the quality of its clearing efforts. He now faces a fine of up to 119 hryvnias ($4.30), for reporting a false complaint and wasting public servants’ time. I think he’ll be able to live with that…

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