Young Man Tragically Dies After Routine Tooth Extraction

A 23-year-old Chinese man recently lost his life as a result of a double tooth extraction that sadly caused intracranial bleeding.

In this day and age, tooth extraction is considered a fairly routine procedure that poses minimal risk to the patient’s life. But a recent story from China shows that ”minimal’ is not synonymous with “zero”. A 23-year-old man named Wang, from Hunan Province in mainland China, went to Kuiyong People’s Hospital in Shenzhen to have his tooth pain treated. After examining his teeth, the dentist there decided that he needed two of them extracted, which Wang agreed to. Following the procedure, the boy was asked to get some dental X-rays, but as he got up from the chair, he suddenly lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

Photo: Anna Shvets/Pexels

Wang was transferred to the hospital for emergency treatment, and doctors there discovered that he had suffered intracranial bleeding following the double tooth extraction. The young man underwent an emergency craniotomy, but he remained in a deep coma following the complicated procedure and died 14 days later, due to multiple organ failure.

The young man’s case shocked the country, and his family is currently engaged in a legal battle with the Shanzen hospital, accusing the staff of medical negligence that ultimately caused Wang’s death. The hospital, on the other hand, claims that the dentist did not violate protocol and treatment regulations, and refuses to pay the amount requested by the family.

Wang’s family has requested compensation of 1.8 million yuan ($251,000), but the hospital is only willing to pay 600,000 yuan ($84,000). Because the family was worried that the evidence would be destroyed if they cremated Wang, the 23-year-old’s body has been stored at a funeral parlor for the last five months.

A medical investigation of Wang’s death is currently being carried out by a special committee of experts.

via CT WANT (Chinese)