Man Who Likes Living as a Dog Unveils New Hyper-Realistic Canine Costume

A Japanese man who enjoys living as a dog recently unveiled a brand new hyperrealistic dog costume that not only looks cute, but also allows him to wag his furry tail.

A couple of years ago, a Japanese man writing under the username ‘Taco’ on Twitter announced his unusual dream to the world – to live as a canine, experiencing the simple pleasures that man’s best friend enjoys on a daily basis – walking on all fours in the park, playing with plastic balls and frisbees, and rolling around on the floor. The man didn’t disclose his real identity, as he was embarrassed that his friends and family might find his passion a little weird, but he didn’t shy away from showcasing his life as a dog both on YouTube and Twitter. He recently got a new dog suit and one can easily pot the improvements over the old one – more realistic aesthetics and even a functional moving tail.

Photo:YouTube / @animalになりたい

Taco’s passion for canine cosplay compelled him to spend about 2 million yen ($15,000) on a collie costume from Zeppet, a company that specializes in uber-realistic dog costumes. It offered both a very realistic appearance, with very thick fur and anatomically correct limbs, but its head was easily its weakest element, as it was easy to spot as fake.

However, Taco recently unveiled his new and improved investment, an Alaskan Malamute that not only looks cute, but also comes with a waggable tail and controllable mouth movements. It has not been confirmed whether Zeppet is also behind the original collie costume.

Photo:YouTube / @animalになりたい

Unveiled on YouTube and Twitter, Taco’s new suit has been drawing attention ever since he posted a video of it on YouTube., with many people calling him crazy for investing a whole fortune to settle some disputes with the bank staff.

The man admitted to keeping his passion a secret from his friends and family, colleagues at work, and just people in general, for fear of being considered weird, but he has no plans to give up his hobby anytime soon. If anything, Taco only seems more obsessed with his canine life with each passing day.


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