Music Torture – Jailed Mexican Official Claims He Was Forced to Listen to Regaetton Music for Ten Days Straight

Colombian singer Maluma is one of the world’s most popular reggaeton stars, but while millions of people love listening to his hits, one jailed Mexican official claims he has been driven crazy by Maluma’s music after police “tortured” him by playing loud reggaeton non-stop for 10 days straight.

Gilberto Aguirre Garza, the former director of the Attorney General’s Office in the Mexican state of Veracruz, was jailed in April for his alleged involvement in the concealment and alteration of evidence relating to the mass burial of 13 human bodies. On January 19, 2016, the remains of 19 victims of enforced disappearance allegedly perpetrated by public servants of the Public Security Secretariat of the State were discovered in a place called La Barranca de La Aurora. However, prosecutors claimed that Garza instructed personnel under his command to report the finding of only 6 bodies, a charge that he has always denied. The jailed official’s lawyer recently told reporters that, in an effort to force his client to admit to the crime and denounce other public servants, the current Verracruz Governor and the state’s Attorney General have been subjecting Garza to music torture.

Photo: Gilberto Aguirre Garza/Maluma

Reyes Peralta, president of the National Association of Criminal Lawyers of Veracruz, told Infobae that officials at his client’s jail installed loudspeakers outside his cell and played loud Maluma, reggaeton and Mexican banda music non-stop for 10 days. The music was allegedly played at such a high-volume that although Garza tried to cover his ears with his hands, he couldn’t even fall asleep.

The lawyer claims that the bizarre torture had a very specific purpose, to force his client into signing a statement accusing third parties of involvement in the crimes that he was accused of. He added that the 10 excruciating days of non-stop reggaeton had a huge psychological impact on Gilberto Aguirre Garza, so when the music finally stopped at 4 am one morning and jail officials warned him that they would turn it back on if he didn’t comply with their demands, he signed the documents.

The method of torture seems that much crueller when you learn that Garza is a big fan of classical music and loved to play the piano before he was jailed.

Peralta said that the prosecution has yet to present the documents signed by his client in court, but that he has already filed a complaint about the alleged music torture with the Attorney’s Office, and plans to denounce the shady tactics before the National Human Rights Commission and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, based in Washington, DC.

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