New York Panini Shop Serves Alcoholic Sandwiches

I bet you never thought you’d ever be able to get drunk on sandwiches, yet here we are. The Salumé panini shop in New York City has created the world’s first line of alcoholic sandwiches, infused with different kinds of liquors, like scotch or gin.

I’ve covered a few really weird ways to get wasted, like vodka eye-balling or drinking hand-sanitizer, but I never thought I’d be writing about alcoholic sandwiches actually sold by a sandwich shop. At New York’s Salumé panini shop, customers can fill their bellies and get wasted at the same time, and I don’t mean by washing down the food with some beer. This innovative establishment is serving the alcohol inside the sandwich, so you’re sort of eating and drinking at the same time. Their unique menu includes items like prosciutto & gin sandwiches, Surryano ham & rye whiskey or prosciutto & beetroot with scotch, and prices range from $11 for a scotchwich to $18 for the Bulleit bourbon and ham.

It’s not yet clear how much alcohol is actually in the sandwiches, with some sources claiming the booze is “dripped” over the tasty treats, and other saying it’s “poured”. Also, it’s not mentioned if you need to be over 21 to order one of Salumé’s alcoholic sandwiches, especially since the alcohol in the food is not cooked in any way, thus retaining all its strength. One thing is for sure, these things give the word “toast” a whole new meaning. Enjoy!


via Delish

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