Prancersise – Probably the Most Awkward Fitness Workout Ever

Never thought horse prancing could be used as inspiration for a fitness workout, but here we are…Joanna Rohrback is the mastermind behind Prancersise, a bizarre exercise routine described as “a springy,rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait, and ideally induced by elation”.

Rohrback, from Coral Springs, Florida, even founded Prancersise LLC, a real company that sells her unique exercise program and book: Prancercise: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence. The book is actually listed on Amazon, and so far has two stellar reviews from a guy who says “This book finally let me experience my inner-horse. I was like a child again, prancing through the woods. At one point, I was convinced I had 4 legs. A smile radiated from my face. I punched the sky, knowing that I was free,” and another who claims he used to weigh 340lbs, until he discovered Prancersise. “I used to lift weights to stay in shape, until I dropped a bar on my head and was knocked into a coma. While unconscious, an angel visited me in my hospital bed and commanded me to wake up and try Prancercise. I regained consciousness immediately and bought this book, and what a difference it has made in my life! I’m now 148lbs and have never felt better.” With such unique and refreshing online reviews, who needs a marketing budget?



I’ve been watching Joanna Rohrback’s awkward routine, but i still can’t find the words to describe it. She starts off with some funky 80’s dance moves and gradually moves on to the horse-like prancing while shaking her arms all over the place. I guess you just have to see it to believe it, but apparently Joanna believe this horsing around will get people into shape. I don’t doubt it’s much better than sitting on a couch all day eating potato chips, but I can think of a few less embarrassing ways of getting my heart rate up.


Prancersise even has its own website, where Joanna Rohrback appears in images prancing alongside a beautiful white steed. She also explains the benefits of her workout, compared to other boring fitness alternatives, like “using imagery to imagine ourselves as a beautiful animal that’s a symbol of beauty, strength and endurance while we’re exercising in order to free our minds of any self image that may be less appealing.” If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a horse, this is probably as close you’ll ever get. If you don’t count injecting horse blood into your veins, of course.

Source: Miami New Times

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