Scottish Bar Serves Heart-Stopping Deep-Fried Butter

We’ve heard of deep-fried Mars bars, ice-cream and butter that originated in the US. A Scottish Bar has now invented a new twist to deep-fried butter, something they say is quite popular with a few customers. Dubbed by some critics as a coronary on a plate and even a heart attack in the plate, this dish is being served at the Fiddler’s Elbow, perhaps for the first time ever in Scotland. The Scottish twist, being an Irn Bru batter.

The entire dish put together consists of the deep-fried butter balls, with an accompaniment of Irn Bru ice cream and coulis. The dish has been named quite aptly, as the “Braveheart Butter Bombs”. The folks at the Fiddler’s Elbow also plan to introduce a variation, using deep-fried whisky instead of Irn Bru. The head chef of the Scottish bar,  Simon Robertson, has been credited with the invention of this dish, along with the help of Paul Fitchie, a former chef at Harvey Nichols. The dessert is created by freezing balls of butter and then dipping them in an Irn Bru batter. These balls are then fried in hot oil, till the golden brown delicacies emerge.

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While deep-fried butter itself isn’t considered a part of fine dining, the owner of the Fiddler’s Elbow, Oliver Scott says that they may not be nutritious, but they’re delicious. So far, they’ve been trying out the dish on volunteers, who seem to love it. They acknowledge that it’s not the best things for the heart, but if you’re not having it every day, it shouldn’t be a problem. For now, they hope that the dish will help people cheer up on gloomy days. “We know that when things are tough economically people like to treat themselves to a little comfort food and this is the ultimate indulgence – so long as people don’t overdo it,” says Scott.

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