Interstate Dating – Single Entrepreneur Uses Highway Billboard to Find Love

Finding true love can be really hard, but a young entrepreneur is hoping the giant billboard he recently put up in the Chicago area will make things a lot easier. It cost “a few thousand dollars”, but the man says finding his significant other is worth every penny.

“…I’m Gordon! Let’s have dinner!” is the simple message displayed on a new billboard overlooking the Stevenson Expressway, near Chicago, that Gordon Engle, a 40-something successful businessman hopes will help him find love. After becoming frustrated with online dating, Gordon decided to spend some real coin on the large advertisement that directs interested women to his website, where they have to answer a short questionnaire to qualify for an outing with the bachelor.  “You’ll spend several thousand on education, a quarter-million on a house, money on a car, but what’s your most important thing?” he asked during a WGNTV interview. “Your significant other. You’re going to go cheap on that? You can drop $19.95 for or drop some real coin for a billboard.” Although the billboard has only been up for a few weeks, Gordon says he already has about 15-20 “solid” applicants, with many other women getting in touch just to wish him well, even if they are not interested in a date.


Engle currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, but put up the billboard in the Chicago area because that’s where his parents met, that’s where he was born and simply because he loves the Mid-West. Plus, Chicago is only an hour-and-a-half flight away from home, so it’s not a big deal. Gordon says he’s looking for someone with a great personality, a nice smile and a great sense of humor. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if they liked to travel and explore the world. Asked if he is worried a lot of women will want to date him only for his money, the wealthy bachelor said he can spot gold diggers “within five minutes”.


Gordon makes it very clear he is looking for friendship first. His 4 brothers and sisters are all married to their best friends, and he is convinced friendship is the key to a successful marriage. “I really want to be friends first, and that doesn’t happen on one, two or three dates,” he says. “That happens on long walks on the lake and going to have sushi, it takes a while”.

Source: Help Gordy Find Love via WGNTV

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