Teen Girl Has Allegedly Been Crying Stone Tears for Over Two Months

A 15-yer-old girl in rural India has reportedly been pumping out small stones out of her eyes every day for the past two months, and doctors don’t have any medical explanation for it.

According to the girl’s family, small stones started falling from her eyes on July 17, and she has been crying between 10 and 15 stone tears every day since. More than 70 so-called stone tears have been collected in the over two months since the bizarre phenomenon was reported. Apparently, 15-year-old Chandni starts eliminating small stones from her eyes from around 6 in the morning and continues to do so until evening. For some reason, the stones don’t form n her eyes during the night…

In a short video that went viral a couple of days ago, Chandni can be seen exhibiting a small lump on her left eyelid. After being massaged down by hand, the lump turns out to be one of the stones that have been giving the girl problems for over two months. After the stone falls from the girl’s eye, another one appears, this time in her right eye. Both are caught and added to the growing collection.

Chandni’s immediate family and her relatives in the village of Gadiya Balidaspur, India’s Uttar Pradesh state, are convinced that the girl really is crying stone tears, but ophthalmologists are adamant that such a thing is impossible.

Dr. Awadhesh Kumar, a renowned ophthalmologist, said that such a thing has no scientific exhibition, and she inserts the stones in her eyes herself, to get attention. That, or someone is making her do this.

Dr Neeraj Gupta, the director of Durga Eye Hospital, was also adamant that such phenomena are not grounded in medicine and fall more into the realm o scam. Due to poverty, Chandni’s family doesn’t have the resources to have her tested by medical professionals, so for now the mystery of her condition cannot be solved.


In the past, we’ve featured several similar cases of girls who eliminated all sorts of stuff from their eyes, from blood, to cotton tears and even solid crystals.

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