The Vietnamese Women Who Allegedly Give Off Their Own Perfume

While most of us use have to rely on perfume or other skincare products, two Vietnamese women allegedly give off their own natural floral scent.

Dang Thi Tuoi, a seamstress from Vietnam’s Sóc Trăng province, allegedly has a very intriguing superpower. When rubbed, her skin gives off this sweet, floral scent that could be described as a natural perfume. Dang reportedly discovered her body’s special feature a couple of years ago, while rubbing her hands and feet after a busy day. She suddenly smelled this pleasant odor in the air, and eventually realized it was coming from her own body.

Photo: Doc La Binh Duong/YouTube

“During the day, if you want to smell the fragrance, you have to rub it with your hands, but at night, people around me can still smell the aroma emanating from my body even if I’m seated meters away from them,”  Ms. Tuoi told the Doc La Binh Tuong YouTube channel.

Dang Thi Tuoi claims that some areas of her body are more fragrant than others, and that the smell is stronger at night than during the day. During her menstrual cycle, the intensity of the scent decreases to about 10 percent, but it is the strongest when there is a full moon, or on the first day of the lunar calendar.


Ms. Tuoi’s unusual story got a lot of attention on social media, with the original YouTube clip getting over 1.7 million view. People were amazed by the woman’s unique superpower, only it turns out that it’s not that unique. After the success of its first video, the Doc La Binh Duong channel was contacted by another woman who claimed to have her own natural perfume.

Ms. Dung, a woman from Kien Giang province, claims that just as Dang Thi Tuoi, her body gives off this strong, pleasant fragrance when rubbed. She has known about her special trait for a long time, because every time she rubbed her hands on her skin, she felt a strong aroma, but she never told anyone about it.


Neither of the two women has been able to explain why their bodies give off a perfume-like fragrance.

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