The World’s Most High-Tech Stroller Is Powered by Artificial Intelligence

AI is everywhere these days, and the humble baby stroller industry is no exception. Canadian stroller maker Glüxkind is set to release the world’s most advanced AI-powered baby stroller.

Originally unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Glüxkind Ella is a technological wonder compared to most other baby strollers. Calling it a stroller sounds a bit unfair, considering that it’s more of a high-tech many that can independently rock your baby to sleep, assist the user on uphill and downhill slopes, and constantly monitor surroundings via an array of sensors and cameras, among many other impressive functions. It may look like a regular stroller at first sight, but Ella is actually a small battery-powered vehicle powered by artificial intelligence.

Photo: Glüxkind

The Glüxkind Ella offers adaptive push and break assistance, which tackling uphill and downhill slopes a breeze, even when the stroller’s bottom drawer is full of groceries. The stroller’s self-driving capabilities allow it to travel without being steered, while the parent or caretaker interacts with the baby. It uses a suite of onboard 360-degree sensors to detect and follow the sidewalk and avoid obstacles while remaining within arm’s reach of the user by detecting the proximity of their smartphone.

When the baby is inside, Ella can be put into Rock-My-Baby mode, gently moving back and forth by itself. To help the baby fall asleep easier, the stroller features a built-in white noise generator.

Photo: Glüxkind

A three-hour battery charge is reportedly enough for about six hours of use. The Glüxkind Ella can be paired with Android and Apple smartphones and can be monitored via GPS, so you can keep track of its whereabouts at all times.

If the most advanced AI-powered stroller sounds like a dream come true, you’ll only have to wait a few more months to own one. Well, you’ll also need to put up a $200 down payment on one and be prepared to shell out at least $3,800 for the base model. The Glüxkind Ella is set for an April launch.


“With Glüxkind’s Ella, we aim to make parenting easier, starting with the key piece of parenting equipment, the baby stroller. At Glüxkind, we believe in empowering our families with safe, convenient, and seamless products,” Glüxkind CEO Kevin Huang said.