This American Couple Are the World’s Most Tattooed Senior Citizens

At age 67, Charlotte Guttenberg holds the Guinness record for the world’s most tattooed female senior citizen, with 91.5% of her body covered in artistic inking. Her life partner, 75-year-old Charles “Chuck” Helmke, holds the same record for the male category, with 93.75% of his body covered in colorful tattoos.

Charlotte only started getting tattoos 11 years ago, when she decided to get a butterfly inked on her chest, as a birthday present. She had always been fascinated with tattoos as an art form, but her late husband, who passed away in 2001, didn’t approve of them. She hadn’t planned on having almost her entire body covered in permanent artworks, but after that first tattoo, she couldn’t stop adding more of them, and over just one decade, she managed to cover 91.5% with ink. She is now pretty much a walking, talking body mural.


Charlotte, of Melbourne, Florida,  received the title of World’s Most Tattooed Senior Citizen (women) last year, after the previous holder, Isobel Varley passed away. Guttenberg had been a huge fan of hers, and even got to know her through Facebook. She told Guinness that she was devastated by her passing, but at the same time she was honored to follow in her footsteps as an ambassador for the tattoo culture.

Despite having covered almost her entire body with colorful tattoos, most of them inspired by Japanese culture, Charlotte Guttenberg doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. She has already decided on adding a new artwork on her head.

Despite her unconventional appearance, Charlotte has what you’d call a very normal, mundane life. She works as a writer, and is also certified as a personal trainer and life coach.

Charlotte Guttenberg lives with her life partner, Charles “Chuck” Helmke, who holds the Guinness record of the world’s most tattooed male senior citizen. They met – you guessed it – while getting tattoos, and discovered they actually had more in common that their love for ink. Charles, a retired defense trainer, shares her passion for fitness, and is also a writer.


Helmke got his first tattoo when he was in the US Army, in November, 1959, but after getting a few more with his army buddies in 1960, he took a 40 year break, and only started getting new tattoos in 2000. He has made up for lost time, though, and today 93.75% of his body is covered in permanent artworks. He is also opened to the idea of getting even more tattoos, but the lack of available space is currently holding him back.

In a recent interview with Guinness World Records, Charlotte Guttenberg revealed that since being originally assessed by the organization and awarded her title, she has had more work done and currently has around 95% of her body covered in tattoos. Yup, whoever is eyeing her record is going to have tough time stealing it from Charlotte.

Source: Guinness World Records