Turkish Man Has Been Testing Positive for Covid-19 for Fourteen Months

A 56-year-old man from Turkey has spent the last fourteen months of his life in isolation, testing positive for Covid-19 no less than 78 times ever since becoming infected in November of 2020.

Muzaffer Kayasan from Turkey has been confined to hospitals and his own home for over a year, and is desperately looking for a way to get back to his old life. After becoming infected with a strain of the coronavirus back in November of 2020, Kaysan was hospitalized and treated until his illness became less severe. He got over the worse symptoms of Covid-19, but the virus remained in his system, and every test he has undergone since has turned out positive, forcing him to remain in isolation, either in the hospital or at home.

Photo: Medakit Ltd./Unsplash

The 56-year-old man is a leukemia patient and is immunocompromised, which doctors say explains why his body continues to harbor the coronavirus after so long. He has been prescribed drugs to improve his immune system but the process is a long and difficult one.

Being isolated for so long has virtually destroyed Muzaffer’s social life, making it unable for him to interact with family and friends, and only allowing him to see his kids and grandkids through a window. Only his wife and youngest son stayed with him.


“I have no problem here other than being unable to touch my loved ones. It is very hard. I can’t even get vaccinated because of my condition,” Kaysan told Anadolu Agency.

It’s unclear if the 14 months of constantly testing positive for Covid-19 – 78 times, to be exact – constitutes some kind of record, but Muzaffer Kayasan has certainly had enough of it and is now pleading with authorities to find a solution to his problem. Sadly, the Covid-19 vaccine is not the answer, as he cannot get vaccinated due to his medical condition.

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