Woman Eats 30,000 Calories a Day to Become the World’s Biggest Bride

Susanne Eman weighs a staggering 540lbs (245kg) and unlike other brides-to-be, she actually wants to put on a lot more weight. To fulfill her bizarre goal of getting fatter for her wedding, Susanne is currently eating about 30,000 calories per day.

The 33-year-old, from Arizona, first made news headlines last year, when stories of her goal of reaching 1,600lbs appeared on the Internet and in various tabloids. Everyone was shocked that someone would actually want to become the world’s fattest person, and spend a small fortune in the process. Back then, Susanne revealed that she and her two boys, Gabriel, 16, and Brendin, 12, visit the supermarket and spend about eight hours filling six shopping carts with all kinds of foods. In order to reach the 800lbs-mark she had set for the end of 2011, the overweight single mom guzzled down about 20,000 calories a day. She didn’t reach her goal, but now the dedicated weight-gainer is getting married, and upped her daily intake to 30,000 calories, in order to become the world’s biggest bride.

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While most other brides-to-be would go to any lengths to lose fat before their weddings, Susanne Eman would give anything to gain weight faster, so she can be the proud wearer of the world’s largest wedding dress. Her tailor already needs about 45 feet of fabric to make a gown that would actually fit Eman, but she plans to get even bigger in time for the big event. She’s marrying Parker Clack, a 35-year-old chef she met over the Internet. Susanne says they’re a match made in heaven, because Parker loves to cook and she loves to eat. Evidently, he prefers larger women and doesn’t have a problem with her goal of reaching over 700 pounds in weight.

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But how does one come up with such a strange goal? Suzanne was never really a slim person, but she realized she was losing the battle against weight-gain two years ago. She had already reached 490lbs, but noticed this only made her more attractive to some men, which gave her a big confidence boost. So she decided to make it her life’s goal to set new records using her weight. She has given herself 10 years to reach the 1600lbs mark. She also began modeling for Super Size Big Beautiful Women’ (SSBBWs) sites and has been causing quite a stir with her curves.

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Seamstress Judee, from Paradise Fabrics in Phoenix, Arizona, is currently working on Susanne’s wedding dress, and after measuring the future bride’s waist decided she needs 45 feet of fabric. The dress is almost complete, but is so heavy it requires three people to carry it and takes half an hour to lace up at the back.  ‘I think she looks really beautiful in it. The dress turned out amazing,’ Suzanne’s sister Cassie said. Although she was disappointed to find out she only weighs around 540lbs, far from her original goal, the super-size woman is determined to become the world’s biggest bride and stuffs herself with over 30,000 calories per day.


Doctors have warned Suzanne about pursuing her bizarre goal, but she claims she exercises every day, to keep her muscles in shape so they can sustain her increasing weight, takes her blood pressure weekly and plans to contact her doctor in case anything goes wrong.  ‘I want to break the stigma that being fat is a bad thing,’ she said. ‘I remind other fat people that it is OK for them to be that way. The message I want to get across is for people to accept others for who they are.’

The following video reveals Susanne Eman’s daily menu in preparation for her wedding:


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