Woman Gets Third Breast Implanted in Hopes of Getting Her Own Reality Show

We’ve seen lots of bizarre plastic surgery stories in the past, but this one surpasses them all – a 21-year-old woman went and got herself a third breast! It’s so ridiculous that I won’t blame you for thinking it’s a prank, but she says it’s not. She got a fake breast implanted in between her two natural ones, and even started going by the name ‘Jasmine Tridevil’ to reflect the change.

Why would anyone in their right mind do this to themselves, you ask? It turns out that Jasmine, a massage therapist by profession, wants to earn a bit of fame and money and if getting a third boob is what it takes to accomplish her goals, then so be it. She’s created a little reality show around her life called ‘Jasmine’s Jugs’ and she’s hoping that MTV will pick up the idea.

In the meantime, Jasmine has turned to YouTube, hoping to gain an army of followers. She’s put up a few videos in the past couple of months flaunting her new look and answering her viewer’s incredulous questions. Going by her responses, it looks like she actually wants hate comments and extreme reactions.

When one person told her that she looks pretty stupid, she simply said: “Thank you. It’s actually the kind of response I wanted from guys.” Another person told her that she’s sick and she needs professional help. Again, her answer was: “Thank you, that’s the kind of reaction I wanted. I hardly ever get that anymore.”

Jasmine also said that she got the surgery because she wants to turn off guys. “I never want to date again. And I still like looking pretty so gaining weight wasn’t an option for me,” she said. “So I thought, if I got a third breast implant, most guys would think that’s weird and gross. But I can still feel pretty if I wear makeup and cute clothes, I can still feel great.”

She answered a few questions about the procedure itself – it turns out that she spent a whopping $20,000 on the 1.5-hour surgery and it isn’t even legal. She had to call 50 or 60 doctors before she could find one who would do it, and he agreed only after she signed a nondisclosure agreement. “He’s afraid that he could get in trouble because he broke the code of ethics,” she admitted.


“I got a breast implant and there’s a mini implant to make it look like there’s a nipple poking out,” she explained. “For a while I didn’t have an areola and I got a tattoo to make it look like I have a real nipple. It looks pretty natural, it almost matches my other ones. I’m pretty happy with it. As far as I know, I am the only one who has had the procedure.”

The surgeon ended up taking skin tissue from her abdomen to create the new breast – it’s left her with scars that she hopes will disappear with time. 400cc silicone implants were used for the fake breast, and she also has 600cc implants in both her natural breasts. She might get surgery in the future to even out the three breasts, which she believes will look better.

“My ultimate goal is to get it on MTV,” Jasmine stated plainly. “That’s my dream. My main motivation is fame and fortune. So we’ll see if they accept my show.” She requested that people share and like her video as much as possible, hoping that going viral will help her get noticed. “The more attention it gets, the better the chance that MTV will accept my show,” she said.


Jasmine’s videos are quickly gaining attention – her most popular one is called ‘3 breasted woman’ and it has over a million hits. When I first checked, her Facebook page had over 3,000 likes. She got featured on Buzzfeed just a few minutes later, and the number shot up to 4,000 almost instantly. Overnight, the number of likes has exceeded 20,000. Her story is being picked up by various news channels and talk shows, according to her own posts.

The comments on Facebook and YouTube are pretty bad, but one of the worst comments was from her mom; she actually read it out on her video: “Why would you do that? It’s ugly. People are laughing because it looks so ridiculous. It’s obvious you will do anything for money. You have no morals and no boundaries at all. What’s cool about making people vomit?”

“I kind of knew my mom would have this kind of reaction,” Jasmine said in response. “She’s a very dramatic person. She texted me this after she found what what I did. I told her what I did on camera. So that’s going to be on the show too. If my show gets aired on MTV, you will see my mom’s reaction where I told her what I did. All of that is going to be on the show.”

Jasmine believes that her reality show is different from others because it’s actually real. “I’m putting reality back into reality television. Because most reality TV shows are all fake. But almost everything in my show is real. You will get my mom’s real reaction and my dad’s real reaction and even my little sister. So I am excited for this. I think you guys will really like my show.”

When asked about public reaction, she responded quite coolly: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me being seen in public around children. If your child asks about it, you can tell them that people are born differently. I think you should raise your children to accept everybody for who they are. Don’t raise them to be judgemental like you.”

Not all the reactions are as bad though, some people have appreciated her and even think she’s beautiful, comparing her with one of the women in the sci fi film Total Recall.

“If she likes it, why not?” wrote one YouTube commenter. “We all like different things. I guess she could remove the implant whenever if she wished to not have it anymore.”

A Twitter user wrote: “@JasmineTridevil Big props to you for doing wtf you want!” 

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