Woman Turns Her House into Shrine to the Colour Pink

Wanda Matthews, a 20-year-old woman from Greater Manchester, England, has an unusual passion for everything pink, which made her transform her house into a regular shrine dedicated to the popular colour.

Wanda has always had a thing for pink, but over the last three years things have really gotten out of control. She has converted her three-bedroom home into a giant version of a girl’s Barbie house, where everything from the walls, to the furniture and even the carpet is pink. And since she wears pink every day, the wardrobe is full of pink clothes, shoes and accessories.

Most people who know Wanda, have gotten used to her pink fetish, but those who walk into her house for the first time, usually start out a conversation with “wow, that’s a lot of pink”. But the pink-addicted mother-of-two doesn’t mind, she knows some people might think her love of everything pink is a little strange, but she just likes to surround herself with the girly colour.

Photo via Metro

Her two daughters, Keira and Keelie always dress in pink, are given pink toys to play witth and have a completely pink playroom complete with pink fairy lights and a pink chandelier. Even the kitchen and the bathroom are dominated by Wanda’s favorite colour, and she confesses she always picks pink cleaning products, perfume, sun lotion and deodorants over other products just because they fit into her pink shrine.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend has to share Wanda’s love for pink, whether he likes it or not. Although she says he understands her weird fetish, I wonder how manly he feels surrounded by all that candy horror…

Photo via Daily Mail

As strange as Wanda Matthews passion for pink might seem, she’s not the only one addicted to this insanely popular colour; ┬ájust look at Kitten Kay Sera and Angelyne.

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