Women Put Live Fish in Their Collarbone Indentation As Part of Bizarre Fitness Challenge

The so-called “fish in collarbone challenge” has women filling their collarbone indentation with water and put one or more live fish into it to show off how skinny they are.

The bizarre fitness challenge originated in China around three years ago, but recently went viral on social media in other countries around Asia. This sort of challenges have become really popular in China in recent years, as people started taking to social media to show off their physique, but this one has to be one of the dumbest yet. Not only is the depth of a person’s clavicle indentation a poor way of measuring their fitness level – not with so many different body types anyway – but it’s also cruel to the fish.

Who knows how many of these poor fish were accidentally dropped or wiggled their way out of the small collarbone puddles for the mere satisfaction of these vain people?

Despite the obvious stupidity of the “fish in collarbone challenge” it was actually quite the craze in China a few years ago. A waterpark in Chongqing actually held a contest, inviting women to put live fish in their collarbone indentations for the chance to win free tickets. “It remains unclear whether the fish survived the ‘fitness tests’,” the GB Times reported at the time.

In case you haven’t already figured it out, skinny women with prominent collarbones are considered more attractive in China.