Young Woman Dating Seven Pensioners at Once Sparks Contoversy

Lina, a young Colombian woman involved in a polyamory relationship with seven pensioners, has been accused of taking advantage of the elderly men for financial gains.

Hailing from the city of Barranquilla, Lina has become the talk of an entire country after her unusual story went viral online. After a series of disappointing romantic relationships with men her own age, the young woman realized that she could achieve emotional and financial stability a lot easier if she targeted pensioners instead. Reflecting after yet another failed relationship, Lina remembered that her neighbor’s elderly husband always flirted with her, and she understood that she was a lot more desirable to pensioners because they would give anything to be with a woman her age. So she started spending time in parks and other places where lonely old men usually hang out, and she is now in a polyamorous relationship with seven pensioners who all support her financially.

Photo: Última Hora Valle

“After analyzing all my relationships I started to think, you don’t have to ask old people for anything, they give everything because at their age they are not going to get a woman like me, that’s why I decided to look for my old pensioners,” Lina told Última Hora Valle. “They are going to keep me happy all the time.”

Lina’s seven elderly boyfriends – Carlos, Simón, Jesús, Pablo, Manuel, and two more who did not reveal their names –  all know about each other and are allegedly okay with sharing the young woman. They are all responsible for covering Lina’s expenses and helping her with household chores (cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, etc.) and they compete for her affection.

Describing her polyamorous arrangement as more like a business than a romantic relationship, Lina explained that she rewards her boyfriends for their generosity by sharing the bed more often with those who give her more money every month.


Lina’s story recently went viral in South America, and feedback from the general public has been all over the place. Some think that she should be in jail for taking advantage of elderly people, while others declare her admiration for her cunning and congratulate her on finding an easy way to financial stability. Lina herself doesn’t really care what anyone thinks, claiming that as long as she and her partners are fine with the arrangement, nothing else matters.

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