Amazing Packaging Tape Portraits by Max Zorn

Ever been frustrated by sticky packing tape getting all over the place? I’ve been there. So when I learned about this artist who uses brown packing tape to create detailed works of art, I was seriously impressed.

Artist Max Zorn creates street art consisting mainly of portraits. His only tools are rolls of packing tape and a scalpel, but the results are astounding. The translucent portraits are hung over street lamps for the final effect, with multiple shades created through layers of tape strips. What is really impressive is that Zorn essentially works with just a single colored tape, creating several shades as he goes along. The sepia-toned art pieces have an incredible detailing, and are a delight to look at.

Another striking aspect of Zorn’s work is how he manages to get the expressions right. With only the use of his scalpel, he’s literally carved out that smile and frown, depicting the delicate features of his subjects down to the tee. Some portraits have a unique effect of sunrays created through overlapping layers. Zorn practices his street art in Amsterdam, and has been doing so since May last year. Be sure to watch the video that shows him creating the portrait of a handsome young man. It is truly fascinating.










Photos © Max Zorn

via MyModernMet