Aptly Named Rollercoaster Restaurant Delivers Your Food via Tiny Rollercoasters

British theme park Alton Towers is giving fast food a whole new meaning with its-newly opened ‘Rollercoaster Restaurant’ where dishes are delivered to patrons via – you guessed it – tiny rollercoasters. For an attraction famous for its adrenaline pumping rides, this is the perfect eatery.

When you enter the Rollercoaster Restaurant, an employee will seat you at your table and explain how to use a tablet to order food, which will travel to your table via a 26-foot rollercoaster with two gravity-defying loop-the-loops. But here’s the catch – you share a rollercoaster with three other tables, so there’s no way of telling whether the dish on the way is the one you ordered or not.

Once it makes its way down to the bottom, the dish will plant itself on a massive lazy suzan, along with a flag displaying the table number. If it happens to be yours, you can simply rotate the lazy susan towards your table and help yourself. Thankfully, the food arrives in closed containers and drinks arrive in bottles to avoid spillage, while hot beverages like tea and coffee are served the regular way – by hand.


The concept is thrilling, but of course, this means that there’s always food flying through the air at regular intervals, so it could get a bit distracting at times. The dramatic effect is made complete with a short film about Alton Tower’s real rollercoasters, projected on two different walls.

The Rollercoaster Restaurant is open from 11am to 5pm for Alton Towers visitors, while the general public can dine there between 6pm and 10pm. “We’ve been overwhelmed by the buzz that’s been building around the Rollercoaster Restaurant as we gear up to open up on May 13th,” resort executive head chef Dan Wilbraham had said before the opening.


“We’ve worked hard to ensure the excitement found at the restaurant is a close match to many of its neighboring attractions – and we can’t wait to see the reaction from visitors when they experience it for the first time.”

“The new rollercoaster restaurant will offer guests a unique dining experience that they can’t find anywhere else in the UK,” added Gill Riley from Alton Towers. “The intricate network of loops and spiralling tracks is an incredible spectacle and we feel that the new restaurant is an attraction in itself.”


The restaurant is expected to increase the number of visitors to the theme park, which had fallen after the crash of rollercoaster ‘The Smiler’ last year. Five people were injured in the accident, a couple of whom had to have their legs amputated.


Photos: Alton Towers

Sources: Liverpool Echo, ITV