Artist Pays Tribute to favorite Films and Video Games with Fingernail Paintings

Maya Pixelskaya is very passionate about art, video games and movies, so she decided to combine the three and create unique designs on her fingernails.

One of Maya’s fingernail paintings, a detailed tribute to classic video game Doom made the rounds online this week, after it went viral on social bookmarking site Unfortunately there was no mention of the artist, but luckily a Redditor recognized her work and was kind enough to link to her website, so we could enjoy the rest of her awesome fingernail works of art.

26-year-old Maya Pixelskaya, from Madrid, Spain loves video games and films (my kind of girl) so whenever she found herself bored studying for exams in college, she would pass the time by painstakingly painting tributes to her favorite films and video games on her fingernails. Like most college student, she hated being stuck behind a desk for hours, studying, so sitting still in order for every layer of nail polish to dry was the perfect activity when she wasn’t supposed to move from her table, anyway. I recognized The Nightmare Before Christmas, Doom, Curse of Monkey Island, Amelie, Jaws, but couldn’t put my finger on the others, any ideas?

Check her impressive nail-painting portfolio below, and head over to her blog for more cool geeky art.






Photos by Maya Pixelskaya