Artist Uses Fire and Soot to Create Unique Masterpieces

A true artist can create art out of literally anything, even ashes. Steven Spazuk, a Canadian artist, is doing just this. Through his unique technique of burning paper and drawing on the soot, he creates breathtaking monochromatic images.

He has perfected his art form over ten years of practice. Spazuk uses candles and torch flame to partially burn thick pieces of paper. He then makes use of various tools to draw directly on the soot. A collection of burnt paper are gathered together to create the entire drawing. Spazuk says that he often works piece by piece, collecting a multitude of unique elements that he assembles into mosaics. “Entities that, once grouped together, afford a different meaning and provide a new perspective that is both novel and complementary,” he says. He mostly creates images of human faces or bodies, which contain a soulful element.

Spazuk says that he has been drawing with passion since his childhood, encouraged by his parents and the people around him. The demand for his drawings existed even back then. He was a regular artist working with acrylics and collage, before he turned to ‘fire’. He now works in his studio with soot, often unsure of what is going to emerge out of the hours he spends there. When he burns the paper, he says that he goes with the flow, allowing patterns and images to emerge gradually.






Artworks and photos ©Steven Spazuk

via Illusion 360