Australian Artist Uses Her Own Body as a Canvas for Fantastic Art

Georgina Ryland, a makeup artist and beauty blogger from Brisbane, Australia, creates incredible body art using her own body as the canvas.

We’ve all seen impressive body art before, but what sets Georgina Ryland’s works from those of other talented body painters is that she actually paints the artworks on her own body, instead of using a model. All I can tell you about the artistic process is that it involves using a mirror, as well as a steady hand and mountains of patience. I for one can’t understand how she can paint backwards, by looking in a mirror, but judging by the quality of her work, she’s gotten really good at it.

Photo: Georgina Ryland/Instagram

Ryland originally made news headlines a couple of years ago, for her tiny eyelid paintings, but she later took her body art to a whole new level by using the upper half of her torso and her neck as a canvas for much more detailed and complex artworks.

These intricate body paintings are inspired by a variety of topics, from popular movies and TV shows, to nature and classic paintings. One thing’s for sure, though, whatever her inspiration,¬†Georgina¬† seems more than capable of using her own body to create stunning works of art.

Georgina told Mehron makeup that she doesn’t consider herself incredibly talented, but rather skilled. She has honed her makeup and body-painting skills over many years, and still practices at least one day a week.

Georgina Ryland’s body paintings have been featured by popular fashion magazines like Allure and Cosmopolitan, and have further cemented her reputation as a skilled makeup artist. She also has over 50,000 fans on Instagram, where she regularly posts new and intriguing chest paintings as well as makeup tutorial.

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