British Fan Shows Off the Ultimate Movie Car Collection

Mark Perkins has spent the last 25 years putting together an unmatched collection of vehicles from famous movies and TV series.

Mr. Perkins says owning a Ferrari or a Bentley is nice too, but he’s just not that type of guy. He’s rather interested in finding and acquiring famous vehicles that everyone recognizes. After a quarter century of scouring for this definitive movie motors, he’s now the proud owner of the original Flintstones car, Del Boy’s Reliant Regal, Batman’s Batcycle, Mr. Bean’s Mini, Starsky and Hutch’s Ford Torino, and the Aston Martin James Bond drove in Goldfinger.

He also owns replicas of the Batmobile, the Ghostbusters’ Ectomobile and Noddy’s Toyland car. They’re all stored in his basement , in Ascot, Berkshire. Aware of their value, Mark Perkins has insured them for a hefty sum, 500,000 pounds.

Above photos by via Daily Mail

Mr. Perkins has decided to part with his Batmobile replica, saying he got tired of seeing dust setting on it, in the basement. He feels collectible cars, and this one in particular, must be driven to really be enjoyed. Build on the chassis of a Lincoln Continental, it mimics the original Batmobile, used in the 1960s series. It will be auctioned off on June 2nd, in Surry, and is expected to sell for about 40,000 pounds.

Above photos via TopSpeed

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