High-School Teacher Creates Whiteboard Masterpieces During His Lunch Breaks

Minnesota-based artist Gregory Euclide creates amazing impermanent artworks in just 25 minutes, during the lunch breaks at the high-school where he teaches.

As unbelievable as this might sound, Gregory Euclide actually washes away the whiteboard masterpieces he draws every day, to make room for new ones. In an interview with Minnesota Original, the art instructor says his unusual habit of drawing on whiteboards started as a way to release stress after teaching 38 students an hour, five hours a day, for 8 months. He was beginning to feel a little restless so he decided to give himself 25 minutes every day to finish sketches he enjoyed drawing. He would use sumi ink, brushes, spray bottles, erasers, paper towels and pretty much anything else he could get his hands on around his desk.

There’s no question about the quality of Euclide’s works, so why would he just wash them all away after each school day? The artist says because he would dedicate just 25 minuted to each of them, they weren’t incredibly precious to him, as he  just wanted to show his students what could be done in such a short period of time. When they came to school the following day and saw the artworks simply washed away, many of them couldn’t understand how someone could create something so special and just destroy it. But the Minnesota art instructor explains: “I was trying to convey something about value, something about impermanence and maybe something about using time to better oneself…to possibly interest them. Many of them were interested in the process.”

Now that the school year is over and the whiteboards are no longer available, Gregory Euclide has started working on similar works of art sketched on porcelain-coated steel.







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